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    CEO Greetings
    "A Pioneer of the K-Pack Solution"
    Eun Sung Machine Co., Ltd.
    performs comprehensive packaging and custom-engineered solutions to its clients.
    The Company
    produces the packaging machines for various kinds of pouches for the customers in the cosmetics, pharmacy
    and food sectors.
    The Company
    is the first company which launched the shape-pouch packaging machine with its own technology which has
    been the most-sought after item in Korea.
    The Company
    is most well known in the market for quality, durability, reliability and excellent service.
    The Company
    is the prime supplier to the two leading cosmetic companies of LG Health Care and Amore Pacific in Korea.
    The Company
    meets the expectations of both local customers and meticulous US, Japanese, Australian and German
    customers well and to the point with its own technology and excellent services.